Sunday, 25 April 2010

A request from @fromboris (bit weird to say that!) who is a dude from my old High School/Home Town and now a Twitter friend. He loves a good fight...on TV that is!
Me? I'm not so keen, more like don't get the whole 'hitting each other for sport' thing...though I'm not a fan of any sport in general, but Boxing really does confuse me.
That being said...part of this project of mine is to take illustration jobs as they come, to remain impartial and attempt many different topics and subjects - it's a big wide world out there after all.
Cheers! Please comment/make suggestions for future daily draws...thanxxx

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  1. Gets the aggression out of people, albeit by hitting each other in the face, proven to help those on a violent path of crime etc
    Although personally Im a wrestling fan! Which is why I suggest either a wrestler maybe Colt Cobana or someone in ROH or the indies like BxB Hulk or Dragonkid from DragonGate as not a big mainstream wwe fan OR Bill Hicks would also be just as cooool for your next daily draw sir!

  2. Gosh that sounded like I mean boxing helps thieves what I mean is it helps them focus and get away from that gives them something to put energy into