Saturday, 21 November 2015

Life drawing 19/11/2015

Quite a tough week I think, but some of the later drawings and application of watercolour were more successful.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Life Drawing 12 November 2015

An interesting session this evening. The project I am doing is themed around 'activities of the everyday'. I was starting to think about narrowing this down to eating and sleeping. Low and behold, this evening's life model poses as though asleep. I am definitely going to have to work these drawings into something about sleeping habits!

This is a page of 1 minute gesture drawings...minus the watercolours. I did those afterwards!

The next page is actually two very similar poses.

This page is a mixture of different poses, angles on poses and different parts of the body from one session. What I like is how re narrative appears to tell of a woman looking like she is going to sleep, wakes and then falls back to sleep.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Life Drawing Nov 05 2016

Been a couple of weeks since the last life drawing session. This week was another challenging week. After drawing more women than men, it was good to be drawing another male model.

The next piece is part of my MA work where I am experimenting with storytelling. I am also looking at the difference between observation drawing and drawing from imagination. In this page, I am going to see what happens when I place an imaginary drawing in the blank panels in between the observational drawings. Try to build a plot in this page.

After that, there was 10 minutes left so I did the same panel again painted...

Finally, I really pushed myself. This 9 panel page is filled with 9 observed angles of the same pose in 35 minutes! Very please with this one.