Thursday, 29 April 2010

I've been ill over the last few days hence the pause in daily draws! Sorry...!

Today, Bill Hicks. A hero. Suggested by my good Northern friend Rich Lillie.
Please comment and make suggestions for future drawings too!

Listening to: Arcade Fire - Wake Up
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  1. Awesome dude my new desktop now ;) glad your fit and drawing again dang human body and that thing called immune system, have retweeted your linky so hopefully get a suggestion for your next daily draw off someone new

  2. It may be worth lowering the quality of your uploads. I could easily print a nice copy of this. Just a little thought....!

  3. meh! Can't be bothered, besides they're camera phone photos which I take and bluetooth to the mac - instant and quick uploading! Thanks for the shouts outs!