Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Every now and then someone asks you to do something that you aren't really that in to because of a certain interest factor (no pun intended!) but as an illustrator - and as you gotta get paid - you do what you do because people ask and you enjoy the challenge - that's called a commission.
Don't get me wrong Olly Murs (the subject in question) is enormously talented, a great guy (so I hear) and has a smile that would stop wars and create world peace (if he was marketed correctly!)...and I genuinely think he is a great singer AND I did route for him in the UK X-Factor final, admittedly. I'm just not a fan...however, that being said, this may be the reason why I think this portrait turned out quite well! I think the brow is a little off, but I nailed that million dollar smile :D

I did this one in 45 minutes which is why I decided to show the process I tend to use most of the time...it took me 30 minutes to sketch and add water colours, then after letting it dry, a further 15 minutes to add the ink details.
Cheers! Going busking tomorrow!

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