Thursday, 5 September 2013

Life Drawing!

I know, I know...haven't posted any drawing in a while. I have been working on some projects and not been doing any observational stuff, but this evening I went life drawing! I haven't been life drawing properly in a long while (by properly I don't count my good friend Matt's stag do - cos that was just funny!)...

It was very good to get back into the swing of it and this time, I was really focused on how I can connect my life drawing to my comic work. This is something I'm always told by critics and never really grasped the concept, so I started thinking about it tonight and it was beginning to make sense. It's funny to realise how one can do something for the sake of doing it, yet when doing it in relation to a set purpose it makes the experience all the more enjoyable and, more importantly, essential!

Here's this evening's scribbling!

(my favourite!)

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