Thursday, 6 May 2010

Hi drawing fans! Just 2 tonight unfortunately. It would have been three but one went really tits up (technical term that). So I guess that'll be two drawings tomorrow night...!

First, I have been doing Chinese brush drawing with the year 8 students at school and their work was brilliant today so I got in the mood after school to play around and experiment with brush drawing from real life - we have a load of thistles in the Art Dept for some reason so that's what I did - also on it was supposed to be the Chinese character for the letter 'K' as a stamp, but I made it backwards by accident! Besides the character was a lot more complicated than what I ended up with and so it is totally inaccurate but looks authentic.

Secondly, been watching Grease tonight while waiting for Ch4's Alternative Election program so this is a cartoon of Sandy!!
Enjoy for now, and see you tomorrow!!

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  1. That thistle rocks really like it :D We used to have thistles shows in our garden each summer and the tallest would win a prize and so would the smallest